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In Winfield’s groundbreaking sophomore effort, fiftysomething food blogger Don Miguel de Los Angeles no McDonalds attempts to walk from Los Angeles to San Francisco in a Quixotic quest to find The Perfect Burrito.

Part Don Quixote homage, part foodie adventure, part love letter to Jess’s native California, the compelling tale of Don Miguel and his narrator/sidekick—twentysomething, fully-assimilated Calabasas Chicana Mary Sanchez—is full of the humor and multilayered storytelling you’ve come to expect from Jess’s works. It’s also full of mouth-watering real life paeans (of the type you’ve read on Jess’s blog L.A. Food Crazy) to California’s iconic burritos. And it’s further enhanced by audiovisual extras–videos, location photographs, audio readings, maps and more–only possible in the e-book format.

The book that critics call "HILARIOUS" and "IRRESISTIBLE!"


In hardcover, paperback, and e-book editions. The
AUDIOBOOK, performed by the author, unabridged, is available on iTunes and

Hilarious, fascinating... a cunningly witty, frolicsome, time-warping bildungsroman... But serious business underlies the literary larkiness... Winfield's high-spirited tribute is a celebration of the power of language and story through which we learn who we are and who we might be as we strut and fret our hour upon the stage, bit players reaching for the heavens in a drama beyond our grasp.” - LOS ANGELES TIMES

Bawdy puns, a clever construction, and a deliciously irreverent sense of humor make this debut novel irresistible.”- BOOKLIST

The lark that launched a thousand productions.


The trade paperback edition of the play, absurdly edited by “Professor J. M. Winfield,” offers voluminous and hilarious footnotes, prefaces, forewords, prefaces to the forewords, and appendices. With 44 out of 47 FIVE-STAR reader reviews on, it’s “Wet-Your-Pants Hilarious” and “More Brilliant Than The Bard!” and “The funniest book I have ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The current acting edition of the play, revised by Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield in 2010, with hundreds of updates, improvements, and corrections to the original text.

Performance rights and texts are available from Broadway Play Publishing.

The “Classic” version, for those who fear change. The popular acting edition based on the 1993 Off-Broadway production.

Performance rights and texts are available from Broadway Play Publishing.

Jess’s self help-book, the secular, literary answer to the “What Would Jesus Do?” movement.